Healthy Trees

Enjoy this representative listing of our evergreen trees. This is not an exhaustive listing and we do carry additional evergreen trees. If you don't see the tree you are interested in , please contact us and we will be able to provide you with information as to its availability. Feel free to call 775.265.6675, email, or use our inquiry page. We look forward to being of service.
Mountain View Tree Farm

Austrian Pine
Height: 40' - 60'
Spread: 15' - 25'
Shape: Rounded head
Foliage: Needles are long and dark green

Austrian Pine-40'-60' Tall/ 15'-25' wide/ Full sun/ Foliage: Needles are long and dark green/ Great for windbreaks or as specimen. Fast grower. Very useful landscape tree.
Dwarf Austrian Pine
Height: 15'
Spread: 6' - 8'
Shape: Great for smaller areas
Foliage: needles long and dark green

Great for smaller areas, accent tree, more ornamental/ Foliage 4"-6" long and dark green. Full sun
Bosnian Pine
Height: 40'
Spread: 10'
Shape: Columnar
Foliage: Needles 2"-4" long

Densly branched columnar pine/ 40' Tall/ 10' Wide/ Full sun/ Foliage: 2"-4" long/ Fine specimen tree, or accent tree. Moderate growth.
Bristlecone Pine
Height: 15'
Spread: 4' - 6'
Shape: Wide spreading
Foliage: Needles medium green

15' Tall/ 4'-6' Wide ancient tree (book says 50-75' T and 15' W) Slow growing.
Tanyosho Pine
Height: 12'
Spread: 15' - 18'
Shape: Multi-trunked form with flat-topped umbrella-like head
Foliage: Needle medium light green

Very slow growing . Attractive evergreen, shrub-like. Makes a great accent tree. Full sun/ Slow growing. Grafted.
Dwarf Mugo Pine
Height: 3' - 5'
Spread: 6' - 10'
Shape: Shrubby habit
Foliage: Dark green needles
Fall Color:Golden to orange

Popular Dwarf conifer. Broadly spreading branches. Full sun. Slow growing.
Colorado Blue Spruce
Height: 40' - 60'
Spread: 10' - 20'
Shape: symmetrical, pyramidal
Foliage: Needles green/grayish blue

Popular evergreen. Dense tree with tiered branches which are covered with short, stiff green/grayish blue needles. New Growth is brighter blue. Slow to Moderate Growth
Colorado Green Spruce
Height: 40' - 60'
Spread: 10' - 20'
Shape: Symmetrical, pyramidal
Foliage: Needles green

Same characteristics as Colorado Blue Spruce, but needles are green and new growth is green.
Bacheri Spruce
Height: 8'
Spread: 10'
Shape: Pyramidal
Foliage: Extremely blue in color

8' in 10 years- slow growing Foliage dense.
Fat Albert Spruce'
Height: 10' - 15'
Spread: 8'
Shape: rounded shape
Foliage: blue, dense

full, pyramidal habit is combined with bluish foliage
Fastiagata Spruce
Height: 8' in ten years
Spread: 6'
Shape: columnar
Foliage: narrow, dense, extremely blue

Slow growing 8' in 10 years
Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Height: 5' - 7'
Spread: 18" - 2'
Shape: tight, conical
Foliage: blue

Cold hearty blue evergreen. Slow growth in a tight, conical form which requires little to no maintenance. Ideal for small, tight places, gardens, or containers/pots. 5'-7' Tall/ 18"-2' Wide
Globosa Spruce/Dwarf Globe Spruce
Height: 3' - 5'
Spread: 5; - 6'
Shape: flat-topped and densly branched
Foliage: bright blue needles hold color all year

Grafted- Globe shaped evergreen shrub is a dwarf, . Great for accents or focal points/ Slow growing/ Full Sun. May be grafted onto a standard or trunk 3' high or more.
Moerheim Blue Spruce
Height: 30'
Spread: 10'
Shape: symmetrical, narrow, conical
Foliage: Stiff and horizontal branches with dense layers of silvery-blue short needles

A compact evergreen . New growth is bright blue. Full sun. Moderate growth/ 30' T and 10' W
Weeping Norway Spruce
Height: 3'
Spread: 10'
Shape: Upright spreading, rounded, dense
Foliage: rich green color

Evergreen accent with weeping, spreading needles. Full sun. Slow growing to 3' Tall (if staked), with trailing branches reaching 10' in width. Grafted.
Little Gem Norway Spruce
Height: 3'
Spread: 18"
Shape: Dense, rounded globe
Foliage: Rich green short needles

Great accent tree. Extremely slow growing and forms a compact head only 18" in diameter. May be grafted onto a standard or trunk
Cedar Incense
Height: 40' - 60'
Spread: 8' - 12'
Shape: Columnar; pyramidal, dense
Foliage: flat, shiny, dark-green, aromatic needles

Slow growing branches are densely covered with flat, shiny, dark-green, aromatic needles.
Blue Atlas Cedar
Height: 40' - 50'
Spread: 20' - 25'
Shape: Pyramidal
Foliage: sparkling silvery blue

Great Specimen tree/ Full sun, Slow growing. Grafted.
Leyland Cypress
Height: 60' - 70'
Spread: 12' - 20'
Shape: pyramidal
Foliage: fine and feathery dark green

Fast growing, Graceful, pyramidal form with dense pendulous branches. Great for quick screen, hedges and grouping
Height: 15'
Spread: 5' - 8'
Shape: broad, pyramidal form
Foliage: intense silvery blue

Makes a great accent tree, and an excellent screens, hedges, and group plantings. Compact, dense branching habit. Full Sun/ 15'T / 5'-8'W. Good for containers/pots. Moderate growth.
Skyrocket Juniper
Height: 15' - 20'
Spread: 2' - 3'
Shape: Columnar form
Foliage: Bluish gray

Narrowest juniper available. Full sun/ moderate to fast growth.
Spartan Juniper
Height: 15' - 20'
Spread: 3' - 5'
Shape: columnar form
Foliage: medium green

Densly branched useful as a screen or windbreak. Excellent sheard topiary. Durable evergreen that tolerates hear, cold and drought. Full sun/ Moderate to fast growing.
Wichita Blue Juniper
Height: 10' - 15'
Spread: 4' - 6'
Shape: Broad, pyramidal form
Foliage: silvery-blue

Excellent for screens, hedges, or as specimen. Foliage retains color all year. Full sun/ Moderate growth.
Sequoia--Giant Sequoia
Height: 60' - 100'
Spread: 50'
Shape: Pyramidal
Foliage: dense, bushy, green foliage

Big Tree Neat, handsome trees for large garden areas. Fast growing. Foliage may brown near the inside trunk in extreme heat and in the extreme cold.
Arborvitae-Emerald Green
Height: 15'
Spread: 3' - 4'
Shape: Narrow, densely branched pyramidal form
Foliage: rich emerald green

Foliage holds color throughout winter. Great for hedges or screening. Full sun/ Moderate growth.